How to Effectively Deal With the Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is something which can make you cringe even if you try to remember your previous experience. Nevertheless, it is an important topic which needs to be talked about. Here, it would be worth mentioning that you need to have good knowledge about the causes of tooth pain. And you also have to keep in mind that contacting your dentist right away is the best way to prevent tooth pain or stop it from getting worse.

Now, it would be worth mentioning the types of pain that you can have in your teeth.

Sensitive tooth pain

Pain in the teeth due to sensitivity is one of the most common types of toothaches. The main reason for pain due to sensitivity usually comes from the weakness of tooth enamel. Tooth enamel weakens when it is exposed against acid released by bad bacteria in the mouth. As a result of this enamel thinning, the hot and cold temperatures reach the layer beneath tooth enamel and cause the tooth pulp to sense the change in an amount which is more than what’s necessary. The sensitive teeth hurt when you eat hot, cold and sugary foods.

You have to explain the sensitivity of your teeth to your dentist the next time you visit the dental office. You may be given numbing agents to reduce the pain. Sensitive teeth can find great comfort from toothpaste and mouth rinses made specifically for sensitive teeth.

Sudden and stabbing pain

Sudden and stabbing pain in the tooth can cause the kind of discomfort that can stop you from doing what you are doing. There can be many reasons for this pain. The most common ones include cavity, damage to tooth enamel, and cracked or broken tooth. This pain can be intermittent.

This pain can also mean that there is an infection in the tooth. With possibility of so many reasons, you have to consult your dentist as soon as you can.

Consistent pain

Chronic pain can be sharp as well as dull. The most common reason for this pain may be your habit of grinding your teeth. Grinding of teeth causes tension in the jaws. Due to this tension, the muscles connected with the jaw become stressed.

Teeth grinding hurts the teeth in another way. When you grind the teeth, the tooth enamel wears down due to which inner layers of teeth get exposed against foreign elements. Since the dentin is going to be exposed, it will let the hot and cold temperatures to cause pain in the pulp. This pain can be sharp and consistent, making the patient to feel pain the entire time.


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